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Welcome to the
Cypress-Fairbanks ISD Webportal Services Page

You can use this page to access the services listed at the left of this page.
Just click on the service you need and you will be taken to the appropriate location.

All unauthorized access is strictly prohibited. All attempts to access this service are recorded.
Unauthorized users are encouraged to log off of this service. Unauthorized access will
be prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed under the laws of the state of Texas.

If you have any questions or concerns about Web Mail or EAC
please contact the Help Desk at 281-897-HELP (4357).

EAC Employee Access Center
with W2 Option
Admin Time Sheets Administrator Timesheets
(For help talk to your Payroll)
Time Sheets Hourly Employee Self-Service Timesheets
(For help talk to your Payroll Manager)